Hypno Coaching is like standard coaching on steroids!

Clinical Hypnotherapy and coaching together providing a comprehensive and integrated approach that helps you look deeper and make real changes seemingly effortlessly, fast and lasting.

Coaching engages your conscious, cognitive mind by increasing awareness, clarifying what you really want and putting this into action.

The conscious mind comprises about 10% of our mental capacity.

Willpower alone will not do the job!

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps accessing your subconscious mind which comprises the other 90% of our mental capacity. Here beliefs, values  and habits are formed and stored. Normally working for you – or against you – on a subconscious level, without you even realising. Hypnotherapy is the only form of therapy working on the subconscious mind. Hence the changes you want to achieve will come naturally, effortlessly and have a lasting effect!

Hypno Coaching can help you with:

Stress Management
Weight Management
Stop Smoking/ Vaping
Sleep Problems
Anxiety/ All Types of Phobias
Pain Management
Confidence Building
Fear of Dentist
Birthing Preparation
Fear of Flying
Pain Support
Public Speaking
Exam Nerves
Video Gaming Dependence
Nail Biting
Achieving your Goals