Fear of dentist?

I am delighted to announce cooperation with Whole Tooth Dental Practice MK.

Here is their announcement:

Does the thought of a visit to the Dentist fill you with anxiety?

Does even the mention of the drill or injection make you nervous?

Well relax, and take a deep breath, here at Whole Tooth Dental Practice MK, all staff are specialised in dealing with fearful patients and we work together with HypnoCoachingMK, a clinical hypnotherapist, who can help you overcome your fear with a few hypnotherapy sessions, so you will soon be smiling with confidence!

Around 50% of people experience some anxiety whilst going to the dentist and phobic levels are experienced by 5-10%, so you are not alone. A fear of needles is extremely common, and prevents many people getting the treatment they need.

It doesn’t matter how long you have had the fear, or what caused it, you can learn to feel differently. The wonderful thing is that it only takes one good experience at the dentist to wipe out all those negative associations and fill you with calm confidence forever.

Imagine how good it will feel to have a healthy, clean mouth, and a smile you can be proud of!


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