We all experience stress at one stage or another. It can be caused by our professional or personal lives, and each person will cope with it differently. What one individual may perceive as highly stressful, another person may regard as highly motivational. Problems occur when individuals perceive themselves as unable to cope with the level of stress they face. This can then impact both their mental and physical health. Most of us can deal with a certain amount, as we know it is part of our day-to-day lives. We just manage to push on and get on with everything. Yet suffering with chronic stress is physically, psychologically and emotionally draining.

In this 4 week programme we will look into understanding stress, learning about the symptoms of stress, you will find out what your personal stressors are (internal and external) and most importantly you will be able to develop your personal strategies how to avoid certain stressors and how to be able to cope better with stress in your daily life. For stress relief we will be looking into fields such as: physical exercises, diet, try some relaxation techniques, work/life balance, priorities and goals, time management. And most importantly enhance our stress resilience with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis techniques.

Benefits from attending this group workshop:

  • Increasing productivity by avoiding loss of energy resulting from stress
  • Managing better by stopping the knock-on effect of stress on those around you
  • Greater fulfillment at work and in life by lowering your stress level
  • Knowing yourself better by understanding what creates stress in your life
  • Being able to quickly and easily calm yourself right down in stressful situations.

Interactive workshop with discussion, roleplays, group exercises, self-tests and exploration etc., handouts to take home, so that after the course we feel we have all the tools and techniques to cope with stress much better in our daily life.

And most importantly in our programme you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation.  You do not have to do anything, just listen.

In weekly guided hypnosis sessions I will help you to disengage with your thought processes, and guide you into relaxation.  I will help you to change your emotional responses and encourage your mind and body to produce a relaxation response to deal better with the stresses life throws at you.

  • 4 week course
  • Maximum group size: 6
  • 2 hour meetings once per week
  • Participants should attend each session
  • Investment for the complete 4 week programme: £120 per participant
  • Please inquire about next course, Tel: 07704 466699