In the UK it has been reported that 1 in 4 UK adults are obese and a further about 4 in 10 of men and 3 in 10 women are overweight. Excess weight is an increasing problem both to the health of the nation and individuals who are struggling to lose weight. SLIM IN YOUR SLEEP groups involves hypnosis, mind management techniques and some simple dietary rules designed to form a new set of eating habits. Hypnotherapy is reported to have a 95% success rate in helping individuals to lose weight.

Over the 4 week programme we will retrain our behaviours with:

A combination of HYPNOTHERAPY and NLP MENTAL TECHNIQUES to give you the edge and make it easier for you to stay on track. NLP is a very effective and powerful self-management tool (as seen on TV with Paul McKenna or Darren Brown!). We will incorporate NLP throughout the programme to help you:

  • define your motivation
  • visualize the New You
  • uncover emotional obstacles
  • celebrate every achievement along the way
  • Use hypnosis to programme your subconscious mind

The group will help you to get motivated and to stay on track!

SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW DIETARY RULES will help you to manage your food intake. We will start with a food diary with which you will become aware of how much you’re actually eating during the day.
Forget counting calories, adding points or anything complicated.
We will be integrating a few, very simple dietary rules regarding

  • what to eat
  • how to combine foods
  • at which times to eat

Eat by your biological clock.
Get slim in your sleep, the longest fat burning phase of the SLIM IN YOUR SLEEP therapy to support easy and natural change that is long lasting. Working with your subconscious mind in a very relaxed, yet focused state. It will ensure your behaviour changes come easily and effortlessly, so your subconscious mind does the work for you!

  • 4 week course
  • Maximum group size: 6
  • 2 hour meetings once per week
  • Participants should attend each session
  • Investment for the complete 4 week programme: £ 120
  • Offer for March 2022: £100
  • If you would like to do this programme on a one-to-one basis please get in touch for pricing Tel: 07704 466699